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UV Party Splash Paint Bulk - 6 x 16oz

You get 6 bottles of UV Splash Fluorescent blacklight reactive Paint. Washable Neon Party Paint glows brightly under blacklight, which makes it great for night clubs, dance parties, and raves!  Throw it, Spray it, Splash it!


Bulk price per bottle is 17.00.  

Get all 6 neon colors:
Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Red, or Yellow

It's safe, nontoxic, and most of all FUN for everyone! This neon paint is SUPER black light sensitive and UV Splash will fluoresce under any blacklight.

Our 16 oz Washable Neon Rave Paint is excellent for events where crowd participation is a must. This very washable non-toxic Safe and Bright UV Paint will keep everyone involved as each bottle comes with a white flip top cap with small orifice to shoot the paint out of.

This UV BlackLight Neon Party Paint will turn any party into a BLAST! Nothing beats great music, black lights with strobes, and everyone being covered head to toe in various Neon Glow Colors. 

Each 16 oz / 473ml bottle sold separately.

How much do I need?
16 oz / 473ml bottles are the perfect size to order for any paint party because they are easy to transport. We recommend to purchase on average one 16 oz unit for every 2-3 people attending.

Safety Instructions
While the paint is washable off skin and hair, it may leave very mild stains on white t-shirts, flat white painted surfaces, and other light-colored porous surfaces susceptible to staining.  It is recommended to protect any areas of concern with painters plastic found on rolls at many home improvement store locations.  Hard non-porous surfaces can be mopped up with liquid dish soap and water or sprayed down with a hose.  It is always recommended to test on a very small area with this product to make sure it washes off the area in question.


Please note that any offers for free shipping do not apply to orders that contain this item, as it is a heavy item.

Safety Instructions:
Always wear safety glasses and avoid contact with eyes
if in contact with eyes flush with water

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